Girls’ Generations Sunny And Taeyeon’s Recent Selfies Together Prove They Never Age

It’s been 10 years but…

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Taeyeon recently look the most adorable selfie as they were promoting a new show that they’ll be starring on together!

#SuperIdolLeagueSeason4 #Taeyeon #Sunny #Duo will be together~ Episode 5 already aired!!!!! Next episode aires on the 22nd at 8pm in Korea and 7pm in China!!!! See you on Huya TV~~

— Sunny

In the photos, Taeyeon and Sunny were seen using the latest trend, the raincoat filter!

sunny taeyeon rain 2

The two soulmates made the cutest facial expressions as they looked like little children playing together in the rain! But something was definitely off right here…

sunny taeyeon rain 3


This is Sunny and Taeyeon from 10 years ago in 2009…

sunny taeyeon rain 5

… And this was their photoshoot for Singles back in 2011…

sunny taeyeon rain 4


This was back in 2015 during the “Lion Heart” era… but they literally haven’t changed one bit throughout the past decade!!

sunny taeyeon rain 6

This just all proves that Sunny and Taeyeon are the two most adorable vampires on Earth!

sunny taeyeon rain 1

Source: MBN TV
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