Girls’ Generation’s Sunny And Yoona Reveal What Hyoyeon Does When She Feels Shy

Such a cute habit!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently released her “Second” music video, and her fellow Girls’ Generation members love the video just as much as SONEs do!

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Taeyeon was the first to react to the video, and now Sunny and Yoona have shared their reactions to the “Second” music video, too!

Girls’ Generation Sunny (left) and Yoona (right) | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

Both members loved the video and the song! Sunny said “the song is so good,” and Yoona said she “knew it would be good.” 

Like Taeyeon did in her reaction video, Sunny and Yoona complimented Hyoyeon’s dancing and her visuals.

“So pretty!” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube
“I bet she probably learned it all [the choreography] in 3 hours.” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube
 While they definitely noticed Hyoyeon’s stunning visuals and killer dance moves, Sunny and Yoona couldn’t help but notice that Hyoyeon felt shy while filming the “Second” music video!

“You know HYO’s habit, right?” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

When Yoona asked “which one,” Sunny reminded her that Hyoyeon tends to look off to the side when she’s feeling shy.

“When she feels shy, she looks sideways.” | GIRLS’ GENERATION/YouTube

As they kept watching, Yoona said “she keeps looking somewhere else,” so Hyoyeon must have been feeling shy on the “Second” set.

Although they gently teased Hyoyeon about her adorable habit, Sunny and Yoona loved the “Second” video and were overflowing with pride for their fellow Girls’ Generation member.

See their full reaction to “Second” below!


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