Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals If Selecting The Genre For Her Comebacks Is A Dilemma Or Not

Taeyeon has dabbled in almost every genre, and she talked about how she chooses between genres for her comebacks!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has always stunned everyone with her versatility as an artist!


Whether it’s a cute, bright pop image from her Girls’ Generation days…

…to her solo debut with the indie-inspired “I”…

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…and now, with the glorious mystical concept she donned for her comeback with “INVU”, Taeyeon is not shy to experiment with different sounds and concepts!

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Tayeon recently held a media showcase for her comeback with her third full album INVU, where she talked about her comeback, image as an artist, and more!

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One of the questions she was asked was about the genre she feels she fits the most, and Taeyeon had the best response to it: she doesn’t have one! She shared how rather than think about fitting a certain genre that can potentially limit her, she prefers to go by what her preferences and tastes reflect at the moment!

Right now, I’m all into my third full album. I don’t even know what genre I’m most capable of because I have so many different sides to me. It changes all the time. Although it may sound vague, I’m always different according to the environment and situation I’m in and am open to everything really.


Listen to Taeyeon’s domination of a new genre with her latest song “INVU” here!

Source: The Korea Herald

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