Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Impersonates 2-Year-Old Nonoka Murakata And They’re Both Too Adorable

This might be the cutest thing you ever see!

Little two-year-old Nonoka Murakata captured the hearts of many with her incredible performance for a Japanese nursery rhyme contest.

Nonoka won the silver prize singing “Copper the Dog” and also went viral for her amazing performance. She even caught the attention of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

On January 19, Taeyeon fangirled over the two-year-old star on her Instagram story. Taeyeon even did a little cover of Nonoka, singing the same song and doing Nonoka’s cute dance moves and gestures.

She shared that her video was meant to be private but she’s a huge fan: “It’s a video I was going keep privately, but I’m a real fan, so I’m doing this.”

On her story post, Taeyeon wrote “I am a Nonoka fan. I like her a lot” and “Going forward, please let us hear a lot of good songs.”

Nonoka expressed her gratitude on her Instagram story as well. Nonoka reposted Taeyeon’s story and wrote “Thank you very much.

Many fans expressed their love for Nonoka after seeing Taeyeon’s post and commented that they are both “too cute.

Check out Nonoka’s adorable performance below:

Source: Naver