Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Slams Antis In One Hit With Empowering Instagram Post

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After almost 15 years in the K-Pop industry, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has accumulated a fanbase filled with numerous passionate supporters. Of course, with love comes hate, so stars like Taeyeon have their fair share of antis too. But the successful soloist isn’t letting that bring her down. In a new Instagram post, Taeyeon took down her haters in one swoop.

It’s only been a day since Taeyeon released her newest single, “Weekend,” and the track already has over 3 million views on YouTube. Fans are obsessed with the bright, retro sound, and Taeyeon’s own celebrity friendship circle—from Red Velvet‘s Yeri to Heize—has been pouring out support for the song on social media.

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“Weekend” even broke Baekhyun‘s 2021 first-day listener record for SM Entertainment artists; while “Bambi” smashed it with over 180,000 unique listeners on Melon earlier this year, Taeyeon’s comeback surpassed 260,000 listeners. However, even amongst all the love, it seems some haters are still managing to find something bad to say about Taeyeon.

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But she’s not letting them get her down. In a new post uploaded to her Instagram story, Taeyeon hit back at antis by calling out the way they judge her no matter what she does. The quote she uploaded remarked that no matter what her weight is, what she wears, or what she eats, there will always be people who have a problem with her.

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If I’m fat, they will call me fat. If I’m thin, they will say I look sick.

If I wear loose clothing, they will say I look like a boy. If I wear tight clothing, they will say I dress too sexy.

If I eat too much, they say I’m a pig. If I eat too little, they say I’m picky.

If I like luxury items, they say I’m a gold digger. If I like road shop clothes, they say I don’t know how to dress.

— Taeyeon

The post ended with, “People who hate on me will hate me, so it’s better to live however I want.” While Taeyeon didn’t come up with the quote herself, she definitely made a great choice choosing it to sum up the criticism idols like her receive from all angles.

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Fans across social media were impressed with Taeyeon’s confidence in standing up to those who attack her needlessly—but this isn’t the first time she’s called out antis on Instagram. Back in 2019, after revealing her battle with depression, Taeyeon called out haters who look down on people suffering from mental health conditions. In 2015, she and SM Entertainment even threatened malicious commenters with legal action.

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