Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Pushed For “INVU” To Be The Title Track—Here’s The Extent She Went To For It

She really pushed for it to be approved!

As a member of Girls’ Generation and as a soloist, Taeyeon has tons of hit songs to call hers over the years!

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And now, she’s released another certified bop! Taeyeon recently made her solo comeback with her first full album in 2 and a half years titled INVU and a title track of the same name, and also held a showcase for her comeback!

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While talking about her comeback song, Taeyeon talked about how she immediately fell in love with “INVU” when she first heard it and wanted to release it as her title track, but had a lot of convincing to do with others being doubtful of the song.

Not many people at the company picked the song as the lead, so it was somewhat a risk for me. But I was confident and was pushed by an urge to persuade people.


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She then shared that she pushed to have the song as her lead single, and worked hard on and heavily invested in the comeback by being very involved with the magic-themed MV and even the choreography!

As the song sings of a person who is hurt by love yet not discouraged, I wanted to portray a strong, aggressive attitude through the visuals. Hurt on the inside, but maintaining a resolute and calm face.

And the music video is very conceptual, making use of different images, such as the Ancient Greek temple-like setting, a desert background, or other elements—such as the reflection of a moon in the pond —that give off a mystic vibe.


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And Taeyeon absolutely made the right choice, because the song is a total bop! You can check out the MV for “INVU” here!

Source: The Korea Herald

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