A Fan Asked Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon About “KWANGYA”—Here’s How She Reacted

A fan asked her a question about “KWANGYA”, and this is how she responded!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was asked about her thoughts on “KWANGYA” recently, and her response was hilarious!

The term “KWANGYA” has been a recurring word used in many recent songs from SM Entertainment, as part of their intricate new universe, called SMCU (SM Cultural Universe). “KWANGYA” is an alternate dimension in which resides the villain of SMCU, “Black Mamba“.

“Black Mamba”, that resides in “KWANGYA” | SM Entertainment

Many songs have referenced “KWANGYA”, such as aespa‘s “Black Mamba”, NCT U‘s “90’s Love”, and NCT Dream‘s “Hello Future”!

NCT Dream’s “Hello Future” | SM Entertainment

Following how the term is a part of so many SM songs, during her comeback live broadcast, a fan asked Taeyeon if her new song “Weekend” would also contain SMCU references, particularly the word “KWANGYA”!

Is Taengoo [Taeyeon’s nickname] going to ‘KWANGYA’ too?

After reading the comment, Taeyeon looks up and hilariously asks,

What are you talking about?!


When the song came out, fans got their answer soon enough, because the song was one full of chill vibes, with no mention of the SMCU anywhere!

Watch her reaction here!

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