Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Opens Up About The Pressure She Would Put On Herself As A Main Vocalist

She talked about how stressful it was for her to be the main vocalist of the group.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has been the group’s power main vocalist for 14 years, and has enjoyed a stellar solo career as a singer as well!

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Given the amount of talent she has, she was always assigned the high notes in Girls’ Generation’s songs, and on an episode of Yoo Quiz On The Block, she revealed how she used to feel burdened by this!

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The members of Girls’ Generation appeared on the show as guests, making Yoo Quiz On The Block their first full group schedule in 4 years!

The members were soon interviewed about themselves and the group, and in one of the segments of the show, they were asked was to leave messages to their younger selves! The members took their turns to talk, and when it was Taeyeon’s turn, she chose to tell her younger self not to stress too much, and not to think about it too much!

It’s nothing much.


Taeyeon then elaborated on her answer, sharing how she would often stress out when she was singing, because she felt like the high notes were her responsibility. She would do her best to sing it perfectly, but if everytime she made a mistake or her voice would crack while singing the note, she felt like her world was crashing around her.

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While it’s absolutely okay to make mistakes, Taeyeon ends up delivering perfect vocals almost everytime, and she’s totally made it as a singer!

We stan a talented queen!

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