Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Skincare Secrets That Make Her Complexion So Perfect

Here’s how to get skin as radiant as Taeyeon’s.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is widely known for having skin so perfect, she looks great even without makeup. Of course, stars are just like us—they can’t get a blemish-free complexion without a little work. And luckily for fans, Taeyeon sat down with 1stLook on August 14 to reveal all the steps she takes to get her skin looking beautiful and radiant.

Taeyeon’s cleansing routine

Step 1: Remover

Any great skincare routine starts with cleansing. First, Taeyeon uses a remover to clear off all her makeup and any dirt that has accumulated throughout the day.

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Step 2: Cleansing oil

Next, Taeyeon brings in the cleansing oil. Oil cleansing is touted for numerous benefits, from fighting signs of aging to penetrating deep into pores. Plus, Taeyeon says her skin is naturally dry, so this step helps replenish some of those much-needed oils.

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Step 3: Cleansing foam

Cleansing with both oil and water-based products is all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise Taeyeon finishes with a cleansing foam. Foaming cleansers are very gentle, so they’re great for skin sensitivity.

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Taeyeon’s skincare routine

Step 1: Essence

Unlike most idols, Taeyeon tends to skip using toner in the mornings. Instead, she goes straight into essence. Essence is one of the key Korean skincare steps, packing a punch of concentrated ingredients that target specific issues—from blemishes to dull skin tone.

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At night, Taeyeon often starts her routine with essence too. Sometimes, however, she switches it out for a sheer, watery moisturizing lotion.

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Step 2: Moisturizer

Next, both during the day and at night, she applies a moisturizing cream. According to Taeyeon, it’s better to use a moisturizer once your face is already wet with product.

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Dermatologists agree, as the cream will lock in any existing moisture for maximum hydrating.

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Step 3: Sunscreen or Madecassoside

Finally, Taeyeon’s daytime skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without sunscreen to protect her from wrinkles and skin damage. Luckily for you, she actually shared the exact product she uses: the Super Air Fit Mild Sunscreen from A’Pieu, one of the brands she endorses.

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At night, Taeyeon switches sun-protection for a madecassoside cream. This tongue-twister antioxidant has been used in medicine for thousands of years and is known to help revitalize skin. Often, Taeyeon even applies multiple layers of the cream before sleeping.

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Taeyeon’s pre-shoot routine

Step 1: Regenerative cream

Taeyeon says she’s been using her cleansing routine since debut, and the rest of her skincare steps are evidently working well for her. But sometimes, before a shoot, she needs a little more to make her complexion pure perfection.

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So, she starts her pre-shoot routine with a regenerative cream. These creams tend to soothe and nourish dehydrating skin, reviving brightness and texture.

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Step 2: Rubber mask

After that, she uses a rubber face mask. Rubber masks (which aren’t actually made of rubber) are super-thick gels that form a peel-off mask when dried. They’re ideal because they mold to every crease of your face and drive in those skincare ingredients you’ve just applied.

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Source: 1stLook (YouTube)

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