Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals How It Really Feels To Be A Role Model To So Many Idols

The list of idols who named Taeyeon as their role model includes STAYC’s Yoon, aespa’s Karina, Cosmic Girls’ Luda, and CLC’s Elkie.

From a member of one of the world’s most successful girl groups to a star soloist with numerous albums under her belt, Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon is the poster child for K-Pop success. So many idols aspire to be like her, and who wouldn’t? But how does she feel about being an inspiration to them all? Taeyeon revealed all in a new interview with Hashtag Legend.

The list of girl group idols who have named Taeyeon as their role model is extensive. Most recently, fourth-generation starlets like labelmate aespa‘s Karina and STAYC‘s Yoon have revealed that they look up to her, but numerous third-generation idols like Cosmic GirlsLuda, CLC‘s Elkie, and Lovelyz‘s Jiae have said the same too.

STAYC’s Yoon | Highup Entertainment

Even Taeyeon’s own younger sister, Hayeon, was inspired to follow in her footsteps, debuting as a soloist herself with “Eyes on You” last year.

Hayeon | 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

When asked how it feels to be an inspiration to so many, Taeyeon laughed and joked, “Now that’s a bit of a burden.” But why? The second-generation star went on to explain that with so many people looking up to her, she feels like she has to do even better in her own career to set a good example.

It’s a bit of a burden because I feel like I have to do better because I know there are people who will decide the direction of their career after being inspired by me.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s sister and hoobaenim, Hayeon, once revealed that Taeyeon didn’t give her any advice for joining the Korean music industry. Instead, she shared that Taeyeon is always watching her, telling her about things she’s new too, and making her feel reassured and happy. That said, Taeyeon did have some advice for stars who aspire to emulate her.

It might sound a bit obvious,” Taeyeon said, “But I hope people keep their minds strong.” She went on to say that when you’re in the public eye, it’s easy to get hurt, especially when your private life is put on show for everyone to scrutinize. As such, she explained, “It’s really important to brace yourself and stay strong.” On top of that, Taeyeon urged young idols to stay determined in everything they try.

Speaking to Hashtag Magazine, Taeyeon also revealed how she deals with all that public scrutiny herself.

Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Opens Up About How She Copes With Public Scrutiny