Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Shows Love For The Gift Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Sent Her

They are friendship goals!

While shooting for her new drama, Frightening Cohabitation, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri received a sweet gift from her good friend Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

It seems to be a loving tradition that celebrities often send food trucks to drama shooting sites to support the actors and actresses, and Taeyeon did just that. 

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Taeyeon sent over a cute pink-themed truck that served some warm drinks and food to keep Hyeri and her cast warm in the cold winter weather. 

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

The truck was covered with supportive messages and cute photos of both Hyeri and Taeyeon. 

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Hyeri showed her gratitude for Taeyeon’s food truck through Instagram creating a post dedicated to it. She wrote a charming message to Taeyeon in the caption:

My dear Kim Tangoo, it was the coldest day in the world today, and I was so touched by coffee, tea, and churros that I was crying. Thank you, Taeyeon!

— Hyeri 

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Taeyeon commented on the post saying “My Lee Hyeri. I love you” to which Hyeri replied, “I love you.”


The two are known to be great friends for a long time and it definitely shows. The friendship between the two idols is so precious and fans are glad to see them supporting one another.

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