Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Special Way She Remembers Her Fans At Her Concerts

She even thought of a way for fans to do the same!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon loves her fans, and revealed how she tries to remember those present at her concerts long after the concert ends!

Taeyeon recently appeared as a guest on Jaejae‘s MMTG, where they talked about her long 14-year career through all her great releases!

The two soon began talking about Taeyeon’s many successful concerts, and Jaejae brought up a habit of Taeyeon’s that she heard about! She revealed that Taeyeon made a special scent to be used at her concerts that she then sprays into the hall, and even turned it into a room spray and perfume as official merchandise!

You also do a lot of concerts and have mastered it, right? What’s interesting is I’ve heard that you always spray fragrance to your concert hall. You actually had a scent made with a perfumer and sprayed it, and you managed to make it into a room spray and perfume as your merchandise.


Taeyeon then revealed why she does this at her concerts, and why it’s so important for her!

It’s about the memories from that concert hall, so I keep those memories through a scent.


Jaejae then pointed out how it’s called the Proust effect, where certain memories are evoked through the sensation of a particular smell, and then listed out the components of the perfume Taeyeon uses!

Wood, rose, bergamot, and vanilla…I heard you like them?


And Taeyeon tried to describe the scent, but in the end, finished off her answer by cheekily mentioning how only fans at her concert would know the smell very well!

Yes, it’s kind of a sweet and powdery fragrance, to put it simply. Well, I guess only fans at the concert would know!


Lucky fans at Taeyeon’s concert would definitely cherish the scent as much as she does!

Taeyeon made a comeback with the song, “Weekend”.

Watch the whole thing here!

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