Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Staff Gave Her An Album Of Handwritten Letters—Here’s How She Reacted

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Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently made a comeback with “INVU,” and it was a huge success. It didn’t just top charts in South Korea but all around the world.

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For her comeback stage in Inkigayo, she impressed with her incredible vocals, dancing, and stage presence—in other words, the full package.

A vlog detailing the events of that day was recently released, and it ended on the sweetest note! After Taeyeon’s performance, she was seen happily embracing her backup dancers and taking pictures with them.

Thank you, everyone! We all made it neat. We prepared since last year. Get some rest guys, thank you. Thanks.

— Taeyeon

She bid them goodbye and entered her waiting room, where she was greeted with cheers from her staff.

After making herself comfortable by donning a jacket, someone handed her an album. At first, she was surprised and wondered what it was. She asked out loud, “Why did they give this to me?

The moment she opened it, she realized that it contained the handwritten messages of all her staff members.

Touched, she thanked them over and over again. The effort that went into writing all these letters is no joke!

This is incredible. Thank you. It has autographs too. Awesome. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you all wrote this. Thank you.

— Taeyeon

Ever the humble artist that she is, she refused to take sole credit for the comeback. She recognized the efforts that all her staff members put into it. “We all worked hard together.”

She then promised to cherish the album.

Thank you. I’ll keep it well.

— Taeyeon

This wasn’t the only time Taeyeon’s staff members expressed appreciation for her. Her hairstylist was also full of praise. Read the article below to see what she said.

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