Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, TWICE’s Nayeon, And NewJeans’ Hyein All Stun On The Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar

They’re representing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen!

Not just one, but three beautiful K-Pop idols — all from a different generation — graced the covers of the May 2023 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine.

All sporting a different style of fancy and elegant designer clothes from Louis Vuitton, Girls’ Generation‘s TaeyeonTWICE‘s Nayeon, and NewJeans‘ Hyein left netizens awestruck by their beauty in their respective photoshoots.

Despite being the oldest of the three, Taeyeon looks like an unageing goddess in her photos.

Dressed in attire that’s darker and more somber than her usual style, the Girls’ Generation leader looks effortlessly cool and mysterious in both a close-up and full-body shot.

Nayeon, too, goes for a darker look than what she’s typically known for, but she pulls off the slightly edgy style easily despite her normally brighter attire.

The contrast of her almost punk-like outfit against a backdrop of white flowers in the second photo is stunning to look at!

Finally, Hyein proves that her young age isn’t holding her back from being a pro at modeling for a high-end brand like Louis Vuitton.

Her long, dark hair and dramatic bangs pair well with the unique style she was given to wear in her photos, and she really gives off the model vibe that not just anyone is capable of.

The photos ended up being the subject of a post on an online forum, where netizens had tons of positive comments for the beautiful idols-turned-models!

It’s impossible to choose a favorite out of all of these covers, because they’re all so stunning!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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