Girls’ Generation Taeyeon vocal trainer, The One, shares tragic past story

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s past vocal teacher, and legendary singer, The One, shared his past history and tragic story on the latest episode of MBC’s World Changing Quiz.

In the latest episode of MBC’s World Changing Quiz, The One made an appearance and shared his tragic story about his child and when he fell victim to a massive scam.

When asked whether or not he was married, The One responded, “I’m currently single but I do have a child. When my life had hit rock bottom, I fell victim to a scam and lost my house, car and everything I had. Four years ago, when the situation seemed bleak, my marriage became unstable and we got divorced. I’ve since gotten lucky and have gained public attention through the show I’m A Singer once again and I am working very hard.”

He added, “I have a beautiful  four year old daughter that I am raising. I am working very hard right now. I think if I keep working hard until the end of next year, we will be able to escape darkness and be in the light once again.”

Source: News Sports