Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Why She Wishes She Could Redo Her Solo Debut

She’s a hard worker!

Over the years, Girls’ Generation‘s leader Taeyeon has had an incredibly successful solo career! Although fans can all agree Taeyeon’s solo hits are flawless, Taeyeon revealed in her interview with Cosmopolitan Korea one solo release and promotion she wishes she could redo.

During her interview, Taeyeon read and answered several questions from fans. One question asked Taeyeon which of her songs she’d like to comeback with again. Taeyeon answered that she would like to try her solo debut again.

It would be nice to try my solo debut song ‘I’ again.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon made waves with her solo debut back in 2015 with her EP “I.” While many praised her angelic vocals and beautiful song, Taeyeon explained she wishes she could try it again because was, understandably, very nervous.

The reason is because I was shaking so much during that time, that’s why. I was so nervous back then and it’s such a great song, so perhaps it’s something I want to try again.

— Taeyeon

Check out the video below:

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