Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Younger Sister Hayeon Makes Her Solo Debut With “Eyes On You”

Congrats on her debut!

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s younger sister Hayeon has officially made her solo debut with her debut single Eyes on You. This single was released on October 7 at noon KST through various music platforms.

| Enter Arts

This single was made in collaboration with AI music technology, producer NUVO, and music directors Conor Dalton and Kyle Holand. Dalton commented, “This is the catchiest music I’ve heard this year.”

Hayeon will officially begin music promotions with the release of this digital single and plans to release more tracks by the end of this year.

| Enter Arts

Hayeon is already well known among Girls’ Generation fans as the younger sister of Taeyeon. She is born in 1998, making her nine years younger than Taeyeon.

Enter Arts created the world’s first AI music label A.I.M in 2018 and has released eight AI albums since then.

Watch her full music video below!

Source: spotvnews
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