Tiffany Hates Being Called By This Nickname The Most

She’s hated it since their debut days.

Tiffany recently sat down for an interview, where she revealed the nickname she hates being called the most.

“I had the nickname of ‘Ddil-fany’ when we debuted.”

— Tiffany 


Tiffany was nicknamed ‘Ddil-fany’ (meaning clumsy Tiffany) because she made a mistake during their early stages.

“During one of our performances for ‘Into The New World’, I concentrated on singing so much that I went the other way while dancing.”

— Tiffany


The infamous video showed a newly-debuted Tiffany making a slight mistake in direction while dancing!


She cutely glared at the fans for nicknaming her ‘Ddil-fany’ after that incident!


Tiffany can’t deny that she has one of the most nicknames out of all the Girls’ Generation (such as Pink-fany, Hwang-fany, Mushroom-fany, and more).

“I think it’s because it’s easy to add something to ‘-fany’.”

— Tiffany


No matter the meaning behind it, fans only create nicknames for Tiffany because they find her absolutely adorable!


Watch the interview below:

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