Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Reveals Her Official Solo Fandom Name

Tiffany, Girls’ Generation, SONEs, and now Young Ones!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany will always belong to SONEs with Girls’ Generation, but she’s revealed an official name for her fans while promoting as a soloist.


During her fan meeting in Bangkok, Tiffany revealed that she will be referring to her solo fandom as Young Ones!


The name hold multiple meanings. Young One in Korean means forever (영원, young-won), and Tiffany and her fans will be together forever!

“Young Ones because it means forever, and you guys are my forevers.”

— Tiffany


It also holds a connection to Tiffany’s stage name (Tiffany Young) and her birth name Miyoung. She revealed that she’s always associated her SONEs with her name, Miyoung, so in that sense her SONEs and Young Ones will always be connected!

“I used to always write MY SONEs, [meaning] Miyoung SONE.

Young One has this connection to SONE, and together, we’re forever. I mean because we’re always going to be forevers. So I decided to go with Young Ones!”

— Tiffany


SONEs and Young Ones are all about her official fandom name as they celebrated the new step in her career!


Here’s to the everlasting love between Tiffany, SONEs, and Young Ones!

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