Tiffany Upset Over Pre-mature Release Of Her Solo Song “Remember Me”

Tiffany’s sang a cover of “Remember Me” from the soundtrack of the animation, “Coco”.

Tiffany states that her new solo song has been leaked before its official release.


Tiffany’s cover of “Remember Me” from the soundtrack of the film “Coco” was released on March 14th through Apple Music.

Source: Apple Music

Fans were very surprised at the news as Tiffany did not reveal any information regarding the release of a solo song.


However, Tiffany clarified that it was a “leak” and told her fans through SNS that she was also surprised with the situation.

“Ive been planning/putting together a new space where i can create & connect with you guys. & as MOST of you all know i like to do things when theyre all lined up– ready&set to go! But UNFORTUNATELY i am sad to inform everyone that there was a LEAK before all the other cool things i haVE/haD planned out for you. Pps. Ill be back to share the news on MY terms very soon” — Tiffany


Tiffany has previously released a solo song called “I Just Wanna Dance” back in 2016.


This will be Tiffany’s first solo song since her contract with SM Entertainment ended last October. Listen to her beautiful voice in her new song:

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