Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Shares What Social Media Platforms Mean To K-Pop Idols Like Her And The Late Sulli

“Our social media platforms are the only place where…”

In the latest episode of MBC‘s documentary Docuplex, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany (also known as Tiffany Young) sat in front of the camera to talk about her relationship with the late Sulli.

Tiffany on “Docuplex”. | MBC

While looking back at how active Sulli had been on her social media platforms, like on her Instagram @jelly_jilli…

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… Tiffany shared that for Sulli — and likewise for many other K-Pop idols, including herself — those platforms are the only places that grant complete freedom.

Considering the atmosphere and the tempo of the surroundings in which [us idols] exist, our social media platforms are the only place where we are completely free to express ourselves.

— Tiffany

Tiffany commented that thus, “I think [idols] have that sense of ‘I want to be free’… on these platforms, at the very least.”

Docuplex then highlighted that Sulli fully embraced such “freedom” she had on her social media platforms — though she often found herself in unreasonable, unsolicited controversies.

Sulli took on a lot of attention for her no-bra pictures.

— Docuplex, MBC

Tiffany recalled how such “controversies” never swayed Sulli from being herself though. Sulli’s courage to be and show nothing but her most natural self on social media has always inspired Tiffany…

Maybe things didn’t always go the right way… but I’ve always been deeply inspired by Sulli’s courage — to express herself and really chase that freedom on social media.

— Tiffany

… and the legacy continues to empower her followers. Sulli’s Instagram remains public to all — with K-Pop fans ceaselessly flooding the comments with longing, loving messages.

Watch the full clip below: