Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Shows Off Her Horseback Riding Skills, And She’s A Natural

She has many talents!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany has many talents, and one of them is horseback riding!

In a video with YouTube channel Mobidic, Tiffany joined Olympic bronze medalist Jeon Woong Tae in taking a stroll around a track.

She revealed in a behind the scenes clip that she started learning the sport last year.

Last year, I took up a new hobby of horseback riding.

— Tiffany

With her one year of experience, it’s no wonder she looked comfortable on the horse the entire time!

Her elegant posture would make you think she has more experience than she actually does.

Even as she rode the horse, she was able to have a smooth conversation with Jeon Woong Tae about his career.

Tiffany’s definitely got skill!

Watch the full video below to see more.

Source: YouTube

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