Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Reveals Why She Would Only Wear Minidresses Before Going Solo

Even though long dresses suit her so much, Tiffany shared why she wouldn’t wear them before going solo!

The members of Girls’ Generation have all rocked different outfits over their long 14-year career, and Tiffany recently revealed why she used to avoid long dresses in the past!

Tiffany | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

Tiffany recently started hosting her very own show called Breakfast With Tiffany, where, in the most recent episode, she had designer Minju Kim appear on her show!

As they went through Minju Kim’s gorgeous design collection, Tiffany picked out a long dress with a gorgeous pattern, and couldn’t help complimenting Minju Kim about the incredible design!

Throughout her career as an idol, Tiffany was seen in mostly minidresses that highlighted her long legs and petite frame very well!

Minju Kim also noticed this, and commented on how Tiffany would mainly be seen in shorter dresses earlier, and the dress that Tiffany picked out didn’t seem to be her style because of the fashion she chose earlier!

I’ve never seen you in a long dress like this!

—Minju Kim

Tiffany revealed that earlier, when she would promote with her other members, since she was on the shorter side, she had to wear minidresses to make her legs look longer next to the taller members of her group!

When I was with the members, many of them were way taller than me. So I had to wear 12 cm high heels…


She then shared that now that she’s promoting solo, she can wear whatever she wants, wherever she wants, even challenging member Sooyoung to “bring it on”!

But now that I’m by myself, it’s my world!

Choi Sooyoung, come out!


Well, no matter what Tiffany wears, she’s gonna be absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait to see her wear longer dresses more now!

| @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

Watch her talk about it here!

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