Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Confirms Plans For The Group’s 15th Anniversary This Year

She’s the next member to confirm it!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young has also confirmed possible plans for a group reunion soon!

Tiffany | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

Tiffany recently shot a pictorial with ELLE Korea, and also sat down with them for an interview, too!

One of the questions she received during the interview was,

Any plans for the 15th Girls’ Generation anniversary?

Tiffany first hesitated, then said that while she can’t give any details, there are in fact plans to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary this year!

I need to confirm before saying anything…yes, we do have something planned! That should be enough right? Yes, we have plans!


She’s the 3rd member to confirm a 15th-anniversary group reunion, after Taeyeon previously confirmed it in a video-call fansign…

…and earlier this month, Sooyoung also asked SONEs if they were “ready” for a group comeback this year!

| @sooyoungchoi/Instagram Stories

If they do make a comeback this year, it’ll be their first comeback in 5 years, following the release of their album Holiday Night!

Girls’ Generation | SM Entertainment

Fans can’t wait for a new comeback soon!

Watch Tiffany talk about it here!

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