Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Had The Most Savage Reaction To Yuri’s Tagging Methods On Instagram

This savage reaction is true proof of their close friendship!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young made SONEs laugh with her savage reaction to Yuri‘s infamous tagging method on Instagram!

Tiffany | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

Tiffany recently shot a pictorial with Elle Korea, and also sat down for an interview with them on their Youtube channel!

One of the questions she was asked was,

What are your thoughts on what Yuri said about how she tags people in photos during her interview?

Yuri had previously also done an interview with ELLE Korea, where she was asked about her photo tagging methods on Instagram. Whenever she posts group photos on her Instagram, Yuri attaches the wrong tag to the wrong person in every person, and explained that she did it because it would help each member gain more followers! In the photo, she tagged Seohyun on Taeyeon‘s picture, Yoona on Sunny‘s, etc. So, if a fan tries to go onto Taeyeon’s profile, they would end up at Seohyun’s profile, thus gaining her more followers!

While watching the interview where Yuri explained her reasoning, Tiffany kept laughing throughout, and finally said,

This is bullsh*t. It makes no sense. It makes no f*cking sense!


And while Yuri’s explanation made no sense to her, Tiffany then adorably said,

But I love you! And we love you!


You can watch her talk about it here!

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