Girls’ Generation under fire for allegedly copying Dolce & Gabbana’s designs

The stage outfits used by Girls’ Generation for KBS Gayo Daechukjae are under the suspicion of plagiarism. 

On December 29th, a conversation between a netizen and Girls’ Generation’s stylist were posted through an online community board.

In the said post, the netizen initially made a post asking if the outfits used by Girls’ Generation were a copy of Dolce & Gabbana’s designs or were simply a homage to the brand.

This led to the stylist of the group to make a comment on the post and revealed that,“Of course, it was a homage. I have never even seen the clothes in person so how would I be able to copy it. I just liked the vibe of the clothes and thought the girls would look good in it so we centered the concept around that and did their hair and made them wear red lipstick. If it was so similar that some say it is a copy, I guess the labor of the stylist team manually creating the design all night is being complimented? I hope someday Dolce & Gabbana  will sponsor us with clothes like they do with some pop stars~~”

Netizens are, however, seem to not buy such an explanation and are commenting “When you’re caught plagiarizing it becomes an homage,” “I think the stylist should step down, that’s an obvious copy.”

To back their claims, there were also posts made comparing previous instances to which Girls’ Generation were dressed in outfits similar to branded designer ones.

Source: KukiNews