Girls’ Generation will finally make their first appearance on “Weekly Idol”

Girls’ Generation will finally be making their first appearance ever on the popular Weekly Idol show since its inception in July 2011!

An industry official confirmed the popular girl group’s appearance, revealing that Girls’ Generation is currently in the process of recording for an episode that is set to air sometime in August.

Weekly Idol has become a popular show that has become a must for idols to appear on at least once in their career and usually do so while promoting new albums.

During their showcase for “Party” in early July, Girls’ Generation members had voiced out their hope to receive a lovecall from the show. It seems this has quickly come true, and will occur concurrently with their next album promotions with “Lionheart” and “You Think” in August.

Hosted by MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, Weekly Idol airs every Wednesday at 6pm KST.

Source: E-Daily