Fans Are Hoping For A Girls’ Generation Comeback After Taeyeon, Yuri, And Hyoyeon Change Hair Colors

Fans are hopeful!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Yuri, and Hyoyeon changed their hair color around the same time, causing fan speculation about a potential comeback.

Taeyeon revealed a new hairstyle on her Instagram. She went from black to orange. The new color is perfectly fitting the new summer season!

Shortly after, she shared her covers for Cosmopolitan Korea‘s July issue. On those, her hair appears to be more pink than orange.

She’s not the only Girls’ Generation member who appears to be playing with new hair colors. On the same day, Hyoyeon posted a picture of herself with what seems to be a new hairstyle.

Three days ago, Yuri also posted on Instagram, sharing a video of herself with blue hair. However, she has also been posting more pictures of herself with black hair from her time filming K-Drama Bossam: Steal the Fate.

With several of Girls’ Generation’s members changing their hair color around the same time, many fans hope that there will be a comeback soon.

  • “Please let it be a comeback”
  • “Comeback is reallllllllll”
  • “ofcourse Taeyeon will have a comeback or even a unit with Hyoyeon (since they recently both dye their hair) Taeyeon wouldn’t sacrifice her scalp for nothing”
  • “taeyeon summer comeback featuring hyoyeon?”
  • “we want taeyeon comeback news”

EXO recently made their comeback, and now Red Velvet has announced theirs… So it’s time for Girls‘ Generation next! Whether it be a solo, sub-unit, or entire group comeback, we eagerly look forward to it. 

Source: @taeyeon_ss, @hyoyeon_x_x and @yulyulk

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