Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Reveals Even She Can’t Deny Her Beauty When She Does This

No can deny that she’s just drop dead gorgeous all the time!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona recently held an interview with Actor & Chatter where she commented on her many nicknames that stemmed from her world-famous beauty!


The host noted that one of her famous nicknames is “Yoongphrodite” which is derived from Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess in mythology! She asked if Yoona knows she’s given these names because she’s beautiful.


Yoona humbly agreed that she even thinks she’s beautiful sometimes when looking at a mirror. But she also claimed that there are days when she feels not so pretty.

I want to be humble about this. (laughs) I sometimes think I’m pretty [when I look in the mirror]. There are also days when I want to quickly get my makeup done.

— Yoona


But if anyone looked like Yoona, everyone would be staring at the mirror all day long! She’s being way too modest!


Despite her legendary beauty, Yoona is ever the down-to-Earth kind of gal. She explained that she prefers to feel closer to people through a natural image than an ethereal one. That’s why she loves it when people call her by fond nicknames like “Yoong”!

I like it when people call me by my nickname ‘Yoong’. Many of my friends call me it and it makes me feel closer.

— Yoona

Source: Herald Pop

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