Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Was Excited To Play A High School Student In “Miracle,” But Was Later Disappointed —Here’s Why

She was adorably excited until she found out.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona recently took the time to discuss her new film Miracle in an interview and revealed her feelings about playing a high school student.

Miracle is a fictional movie that is based on a true story! The movie takes place in 1986 and shares the story of Jun Kyung, played by Park Jung Min who is a math prodigy living in the roadless countryside of North Gyeongsang Province.

In Miracle, Yoona plays Rahee, Jun Kyung’s high school sweetheart! While Yoona is above the age of a high school student, Yoona admitted she wasn’t worried about her age at all. Instead, Yoona was excited to go back to the age of a student.

Actually, I didn’t think about the age setting. I just loved it.

— Yoona

Yoona added that another reason why this role was so exciting for her was that it’s her first time playing as a high school student! As many would imagine, Yoona would need to wear a school uniform and the idol revealed she was looking forward to it! Sadly, Yoona revealed she was disappointed when she discovered that students in high school did not wear uniforms at that time period.

It’s my first time playing a high school role, but I’m actually a bit disappointed because since I was a high school student, I thought I would wear a school uniform, but they said that they didn’t wear a school uniform at that time.

— Yoona

Despite not getting to wear a student uniform, Yoona expressed that being to play a high school student at this time was nice.

I wanted to try out wearing school uniforms. But it was good to be able to act as a high school student. It’s great to be able to do it now.

— Yoona

Source: SPOTV