Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Spills On The Hollywood Actor She Would Happily Kiss And Date Without Any Hesitation

We can’t blame her…

Although dating and relationships are some of the more sensitive and taboo subjects in K-Pop, more and more idols are being more open about it. Some are even using the topic in games to have fun with their members, but it is mainly confined to the more experienced idols.

Recently, one group that has had their say on the various debates is none other than Girls’ Generation!

Girls’ Generation in 2017 | SM Entertainment

Ahead of their return, the members have excited fans with several variety show appearances, including Soshi TamTam where the members all got together and had a whole lot of fun.

During one of the clips, the members were all enjoying some time together on the bus. Suddenly, they all started discussing their MBTI results and the group seemed to have a fairly equal split, yet the introverts only slightly outnumbered the extroverts.

So, of course, the group decided to play a “dating balance game” based on their MBTI results. From the very beginning, it was hilariously chaotic as the members had to pick between whether someone asked to kiss them or suddenly did it.

The second question was just as interesting as Sooyoung asked whether the members would prefer someone to ask them to be their girlfriend or just state it… “Would you be my girlfriend? v. Be my girlfriend!”

Yoona was very quick with her answer. She replied that she would prefer, “Be my girlfriend.” According to the idol, if someone says, “Would you be my girlfriend?” Yoona thought it meant that the person wasn’t too sure about making the commitment.

Yet, Sooyeon threw a curveball at Yoona, asking her what she would do if the question was asked by none other than world-famous actor Timothée Chalamet.

Well, it seems like Yoona didn’t have to be asked twice when it came to Timothée Chalamet. The idol hilariously remarked, “Yes,” and even added if the actor asked to date her or kiss her, everything would be okay.

It is well-known that Yoona has always had a crush on the actor. Last November, Yoona posted a picture of the actor, who has gained worldwide popularity. Yoona also included the hashtag of all the movies he’s been on along with the actor’s Instagram handle with a heart.

Yet, she isn’t the only member to profess her love for the actor. While practicing for her track “INVU,” Taeyeon asked her dancers if they’d seen the film “Dune” and went on to gush about Timothée Chalamet.

Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet. Chalamet.

— Taeyeon and her dancers

There is no denying that he is one handsome actor and as a successful actress herself, hopefully, it isn’t long before Yoona and Timothée Chalamet finally meet. It would not only be a burst of visuals but also so much talent in one room.

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