Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Admits To Loving An Odd Food Combination She Learned From Tiffany

She loves it, and highly recommends it!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona often flaunts her incredible cooking skills all the time!

Yoona | @Yoona’s So Wonderful Day/Youtube

Whether on her Instagram…

…or her Youtube channel, Yoona’s talent as a chef is undeniable!

In a recent interview with Y Noblesse Korea, Yoona gushed over her fondness for cooking, naming baking as a hobby she particularly loves!

I like baking. I get bored at home, so I try to bake whenever I have time.


Yoona makes perfect recipes, but what about slightly odd, off-the-path recipes and combos? In the interview, Yoona revealed that she actually has one combination introduced to her by fellow member Tiffany, that’s a little odd, but still super delicious-apples and peanut butter!

This might sound strange, but I learned it from Tiffany. Peanut butter and apples are delicious.


The editor asked her what that combo tastes like, and Yoona answered by saying it’s a taste you have to try!

I was skeptical about it too, at first! Doesn’t it sound weird? But you have to try it. It’s not that bad!


Well, for this one, we’ll just have to take her word for it!

Watch her talk about it here!

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