Girls’ Generation Yoona’s New K-Drama “Big Mouth” Receives Mixed Reviews

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When it comes to K-Dramas, there are no formulas for guaranteed success.

With this said, casting superstars doesn’t hurt, as in the case of K-Drama Our Blues which featured a star-studded cast and achieved impressive ratings.


But then there are dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which despite not casting a superstar, the drama’s success has turned its cast members into one.


Then there is the drama that flops despite its big cast. Girls’ Generation Yoona‘s new drama Big Mouth may fall into that category if the drama doesn’t turn things around.

MBC‘s Big Mouth has been much-anticipated since the start of 2022. Many fans have been waiting to see the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Yoona.

The drama aired its first two episodes on July 29 and July 30. According to ratings research company Nielsen Korea, the drama’s second episode brought in a respectable 6.2%. The ratings were good for first in the drama’s timeslot.

Ratings for the first two episodes of MBC’s Big Mouth | Naver

Despite coming in first, the drama received mixed reactions from its audiences.

In one of Korea’s largest online communities, netizens reacted to the drama’s first episode. Netizens showed a mixed reaction, but many agreed that the drama needed to get better.

  • “The drama itself is fine, but the dialogue is hard to hear, which made it frustrating to watch.”
  • “It was fun for me, lol. Because it’s the first episode the drama was kind of all over the place, but I think it will get better once the story progresses.”
  • “The eye in the ending…”
  • “Today’s episode was boring. Hopefully it will get better.”
  • “The drama really starts tomorrow (July 30).”
  • “The first episode was really trying to set the tone for future episodes, so it wasn’t that fun, but I am going to watch tomorrow’s episode as well.”

MBC’s Big Mouth stars veteran actor Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generation Yoona. Fans have been anticipating the two actor’s on-screen chemistry as they play a married couple in the drama.

Have you watched the drama’s first two episodes? If so, what are your thoughts?

Source: No Cut news and Wikitree