Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Weighs In On The “Perilla Leaf Debate” With A Hilarious Twist

She gave her opinion on it!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona has given her opinion on the famous “perilla leaf” debate, but it comes with an interesting twist to it!


Yoona recently celebrated her 33rd birthday (in Korean age) on May 30, and uploaded a video on her Youtube channel where she answered questions sent in by fans for her birthday!

One of the questions was about the perilla leaf debate, and the fan asked her to give her perspective on the debate! During a meal, the perilla/sesame leaves are often stuck together, and the debate is about whether or not it’s okay to separate the leaves for someone who is not your partner/significant other.

Perilla Leaves

Yoona revealed that while she wouldn’t care too much about separating perilla leaves as that is something she’d do for someone else as well, she would definitely be bothered about her boyfriend peeling shrimp for somebody else that’s not her!

At first, I had a feeling that it might be fine. So, I’m okay with perilla leaves…but I’m not okay with shrimp!

For shrimp, it takes effort. For the perilla leaf, I guess you can say putting the chopstick on it takes effort. If I were in that situation, I’d grab it for the other person too. But if your partner hates it, then I won’t do that.

But I can’t do shrimp! I won’t allow peeling shrimp. He can only do it for me!


Watch her talk about it here!

Girls' Generation

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