Yoona Reveals Her True Feelings On Younger Generations Not Knowing Who Girls’ Generation Is And It’s Quite Touching

“There are kids who don’t really know Girls’ Generation.”

With all of their achievements and iconic moments, It seems like everyone should know the legendary group Girls’ Generation; however, some of the younger generations of K-Pop fans are unfamiliar with them. In a recent interview, Yoona her true feelings on children not knowing who she is and it’s pretty touching.

In a recent interview, Yoona discussed how amazing it was to see her members during their recent reunion on Yoo Quiz on The Block. Yoona explained that while she and her fellow members meet often, getting all together and introducing themselves as Girls’ Generation 

It’s different from meeting each other. It was nice to see them come out together through the broadcast and saying ‘Hello, this is Girls’ Generation.’

— Yoona

While many were ecstatic for the popular group to have their reunion, Yoona mentioned how many younger kids haven’t even of her group.

A lot of people told me that they enjoyed watching us and that it was nice seeing us again. However, now there are kids who don’t really know Girls’ Generation. I think there are kids out there who don’t realize that Taeyeon from ‘Amazing Saturday’ and Yoona from ‘Exit’ are from the same group.

— Yoona

Yoona continued and explained that this reunion was a great way to look back on her career and show off her charm once again as a member of Girls’ Generation! 

It was a great opportunity to remind me of the past and show my charms as Girls’ Generation.

— Yoona

Overall, Yoona is proud to know that each member continues to grow their incredible careers and thrive! Besides music, many members have been able to show off their individual colors such as in acting or variety TV!

Even though it’s been 14 years, each member continues to be active and it’s nice and grateful to be able to greet you in various fields.

— Yoona



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