Following Her Sold-Out Waffle Iron, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Reveals She’d Like To Be Seen As A Trendsetter Again

TBH, who wouldn’t follow this queen?!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona cutely revealed that she wants to be seen as a trendsetter by her fans!

Yoona | Y Noblesse Korea

Yoona recently participated in a photoshoot with Y Nobless Korea and sat down for a keyword interview with them, where she answered questions sent in by her fans!

One of the keywords sent to her was “waffle maker”, and she described it as,

That’s something I showed on TV and everyone was trying to buy one.


Back in 2018, Yonna was a cast member for Lee Hyori‘s show, Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast, where she made waffles using a waffle iron on the show.

Yoona making waffles with the waffle iron on Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast | JTBC

Following the episode, the waffle iron she used garnered significant interest, ranking at the to of Korea’s most searched keyword list, and was sold out in a matter of hours!

The waffle iron by Cuisineart

As a follow-up question in the interview, Yoona was asked whether she had more items she’d like to show on TV, and she said that rather than items, she’d like it if everyone would follow her style, like one would a trendsetter!

Yes, I can think of a few. So it doesn’t have to be an item, but I want it to take off like the waffle machine.

I want people to follow my style-my hair, my makeup…stuff that will make me a trendsetter, you know? I want people to not only mirror my style, but also everything else I do.


Yoona’s star power is phenomenal, and she’s sure to get what she wants any day now!

Watch her talk about this here!

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