Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Asks For Protection Against Hackers

Yoona has been hacked again!

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has expressed her fear and discomfort for being hacked on social media yet again.

On October 12, Yoona posted on her Instagram story a photo and a comment that read, “This happened last time too. I can’t log in again. What am I supposed to do so that these scary and uncomfortable things don’t happen again. Please protect me.” The photo attached with the message showed an error message on Instagram that read ‘abnormal login attempt was detected’.


Her Instagram was hacked last July as well. She posted, “I don’t know when it started but suddenly one day my Instagram password was changed and I could not log in… I was unable to logout and log back in to my account. This happened again yesterday. This is happening to often on my personal account that I use to communicate with my fans. This has happened only Instagram but on other social media as well. I felt like I had to let you all know about this as it has caused me great discomfort and fear. Please protect my account so that I don’t have to encounter any more changes in my personal information.”

Hopefully people can respect and understand that even celebrities are entitled to their personal privacy.

Yoona recently played the female lead role in the movie Exit and was praised for her acting. The movie has currently surpassed 9,400,000 box office views.

Source: mydaily

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