Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Encourages Fans To Be Environmentally Conscious In Recent Interview

“Guys, don’t use disposable goods!”

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri is motivating everyone to be environmentally conscious!

Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram

Yuri recently shot a pictorial with Allure Korea, and also sat down for an interview with them to name her 5 favorite things!

Among the 5 items she chose, 3 of them were a tumbler, hand sanitizer, and an Apple Pencil, and she revealed that she chose all of them for as an environmentally conscious decision!

For the tumbler, she boasted about its pretty green-toned khaki color and size, and closed her introduction of the item by urging viewers to opt for tumblers instead of disposable plastic bottles!

Guys, don’t use disposable goods!


For her second item, she pulled out 3 hand sanitizers, a must-have in today’s times! The hand sanitizers are from the company HAAN, and along with its great scents, Yuri revealed she loved those sanitizers because they come in reusable bottles, which are recyclable and refillable, and so, help reduce waste!

This sanitizer is reusable. This is a product that also helps the environment, that’s why I bought it.


And for the third item, she pulled out a white Apple Pencil, and revealed she uses it to minimize paper wastage!

A lot of people are trying to realize about the environment, so that no paper is consumed as much as possible these days. So I’m also trying not to waste paper by using this pencil for the beautiful Earth.


She talked about how useful it is for meetings, taking notes while reading a script, and also for drawing!

When asked about how she chooses her products while being environmentally conscious, Yuri shared that she takes great effort while selecting anything she buys!

I think my awareness is raised these days. I’d like to be a person who saves the Earth and bring good influences if possible. And I’d like to live on this good Earth in a clean and healthy way, so I’m more and more interested in it.


Props to Yuri for using her influence for good!

Watch her interview here!

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