Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Explains The True Story Behind A Particular Photo Taken 9 Years Ago

“I’ve been dying to explain this to you.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri revealed the truth behind an embarrassing photo of hers from 9 years ago!

Yuri recently sat down for an interview with Elle Korea, where she answered tons of questions in her characteristic funny style!

One of the questions she was asked centered around a funny picture of her shot at the airport! In the photo, Yuri can be seen holding her phone up to her ear, but you can clearly see that she’s not on a call at all!

Are you just pretending to receive a call?

Yuri then revealed exactly how excited she was to clear matters up regarding that photo!

What a nice question to get. I’ve been dying to explain this to you. Dying!


She revealed that she had been teased for this photo from 2011, and also talked about what really happened that day!

It was 2011, right? I’ve been teased for 9 years, and it is still ongoing. I have so much to say about this. It is…well… I know it looks hilarious, but after my phone call was done, I should have put it down. However, I was so thrown off at sudden rush of people that I forgot about the phone and went on like this. And that photo was taken. I wasn’t pretending as if I was taking a call. I swear.

I wonder if anyone shot a video…


Now that she’s explained her side of the story, maybe Yuri will make peace with that photo, after all this time!

Watch the whole thing here from the 1:06 mark onwards!

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