[★BREAKING] Girl’s Generation Yuri Posts Video Of Her Injured Leg To Instagram

Girls’ Generation Yuri has posted a video of her injured leg to Instagram. 

Yuri revealed that she has pulled a ligament in her leg and showed the heavy bandaging around her ankle in the video. 

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This injury comes at an unfortunate time, as she is preparing for Girls’ Generation’s 10th-anniversary comeback.

However, she left a sweet message reassuring fans that there’s no need to worry because SONE is supporting her. 

“I pulled a ligament in my leg??but you don’t need to worry that much.
Everything’s gonna be fine
cause I’ve got Sone.. ♥️ Thank you for being with me all the time~!”

— Girls’ Generation Yuri

Pulled ligaments can take several weeks to heal fully, so with their comeback scheduled for August 7, this injury may affect the comeback somewhat.

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