Girls’ Generation Yuri’s Cousin To Debut In New Girl Group Next Month

Talent must run in the family!

Shortly after Taeyeon‘s sister Hayeon debuted as a soloist last year, fellow Girls’ Generation member Yuri is getting ready to cheer on her cousin’s debut in a girl group next month.

This Feburary, Shinsadong Tiger (the famous producer behind EXID, MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom”, and more) is set to launch a new girl group: TRI.BE. Managed by Shinsadong Tiger’s new label TR Entertainment and Universal Music, the group is expected to make huge waves on the K-Pop scene this year.

| TR Entertainment

In preparation for their highly anticipated debut, Shinsadong Tiger himself teamed up with EXID’s LE to interview the members on their YouTube channel—and one particularly interesting fact came up about leader Songsun: her cousin just happens to be Girls’ Generation’s Yuri!

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31-year-old Yuri is best known as Girl’s Generation’s lead dance and lead rapper. In recent years, she joined the subunit Girls’ Generation – Oh!GG, released a solo debut (“Into You”), and appeared on several television shows.

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Shinsadong Tiger noted that 23-year-old Songsun “really looks like” Yuri, and he definitely has a point. Both have a unique lip shape, tall nose, and large, almond eyes.

Yuri (left) & Songsun (right) | @yulyulk/Instagram, TRI.BE fancafe

Sometimes I get surprised [by our resemblance] myself.

— Songsun

However, when it comes to their skills, it seems they might be opposites. While Yuri was part of the dance and rap lines in Girls’ Generation, Songsun is set to be part of the vocal line. Of course, she could also turn out to be a triple threat just like her cousin.

| @tribe_2021/Twitter

Songsun explain that she and Yuri are related through their moms, who are both sisters. The TRI.BE leader began training eight years ago under Banana Culture, around the time Girls’ Generation was releasing hits like “Dancing Queen” and “I Got a Boy”.

| SM Entertainment

At that point, Yuri had been active in the industry for around five to six years. So, when Shinsadong Tiger asked Songsun if Yuri gave her any advice about being an idol, it’s unsurprising that Songsun replied, “She’s given me a lot“.

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At first, Songsun says, Yuri was “really against” her becoming an idol. According to the TRI.BE vocalist, Yuri warned her that being an idol is very hard, and not something to take on unless you really have what it takes.

| TRI.BE/YouTube

She told me that unless I’m really good at it, that I should not pursue it.

— Songsun

But Songsun wasn’t going to be dissuaded that easily. Instead, she showed off her singing and dancing abilities to Yuri to prove that it was the right journey for her. And when Yuri saw what she could do, Songsun revealed Yuri “told me I was very talented“—high praise from such a huge star.

| @official_tribe2021/Instagram

After that, Songsun says Yuri changed her mind about dissuading her cousin from becoming an idol. She told Songsun to “endure it to the very end“, and after eight long years, it seems that advice paid off.

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Source: TRI.BE (YouTube)

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