Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals What Song She’d Choose As The “Song Of Her Life”

“It didn’t suit my image.”

On the second half of her episode of Tell Me Somesing (similar to the show Carpool Karaoke),Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon revealed what song across all of music is the “song of [her] life.”

“To wrap up, what’s the song of your life?” “This is cringey, but…” | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

During the car ride, she listened to many songs from her career including:


“DESSERT (Feat. Loopy, SOYEON ((G)I-DLE))” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

“I Got A Boy”


And “Catch Me If You Can”

“Catch Me If You Can” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

While she could’ve chose any of these bops (as she implied she would be choosing one of her own songs by admitting it was a bit “cringey” to do), the song that she chose was…




“Sober (Feat. Unmet Ozcan)” by HYO (a stage name for Hyoyeon)!

“Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan)” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

She confessed that

 The company said the song didn’t suit me. Like, it didn’t suit my image. But I insisted that I should sing this song. But lots of people liked it, including global fans.


As her fellow passengers, Super Junior‘s Shindong and YouTuber Quaddurup, were unfamiliar with this track, she suggested they listen to the English version of this song.

“Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan)” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

The video is body positive and diverse, featuring women of many sizes and ethnicities.

“Sober (Feat. Ummet Ozcan)” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

The guys seemed impressed with the video and it’s not hard to see why.

[(WOW)] | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 
With Hyoyeon’s comeback less than 24hrs away, we can’t wait to see how that contributes to her incredible discography. When Hyoyeon was asked the question of what her life song was, what did you expect her answer to be? Let us know and to see her whole interview watch the video below:

Girls' Generation

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