Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals Which Concept She Disliked The Most

But the concept was so “sweet”

While getting ready for her upcoming comeback, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon got into the backseat of SM Culture & Contents‘s Tell Me Somesing.

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Similar to Carpool Karaoke, guests on this show tell stories based on the music that the driver plays for them.

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Near the end of her ride, Super Junior‘s Shindong put on the Girls’ Generation classic “Kissing You”. At first all seemed well with the entire car singing along with lollipops in hand.

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As the song faded out Hyoyeon then shared that she “hated this lollipop back then” much to the shock of her fellow riders.

“I hated this lollipop back then.” | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

She then explained that

I used to dance popping and locking when I was a trainee. But Girls’ Generation concept was girly and feminine so I had to wear a white dress and dance prettily while holding this lollipop.


“Kissing You” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

Shindong commiserated with her saying “It must’ve been tough” to which Hyoyeon simply replied “I didn’t get along with that concept.”

“I didn’t get along with that concept.” | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

Shindong continued the conversation by asking if the other members were okay with it.

“Were the other members okay with it?” | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

Hyoyeon ended this segment by sharing that “They were very comfortable about filming the M/V.”

“Kissing You” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

While it may not have been her favorite concept, she still nailed it. To see her full interview check out the video below:

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