Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon mentored by Master Beejay shows her talents on SBS MTV’s “Mash Up” DJ Competition

With Girls’ Generation no longer promoting, each member has started working on their individual activities, with many starting off on new ventures.

While Taeyeon recently made her solo debut, fellow group member Hyoyeon is also entering uncharted territory with SBS MTV’s DJ competition Mash Up. The show, which features Hyoyeon along with fellow idols Seo In YoungAOA‘s Hyejeong, and MBLAQ‘s Mir, pairs the idols up with the best DJs, performance teams, and producers in Korea to help transform the idols into global EDM (electronic dance music) stars.

The show premiered on September 21st, and Hyoyeon has already been impressing both viewers and her DJ mentor with her hard work and curiosity. When she was paired up with her DJ mentor, it was also revealed that the SM Entertainment singer has been a regular at his club, as he has spotted her there on multiple occasions in the past.

Her Master, DJ Beejay is extremely reputable in the industry as the CEO of Korea’s most trending club, Club Octagon.

Check out some of the episodes of SBS MTV’s Mash Up below!

Source: Sports Chosun