Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals Why AOA Is Her Favourite Girl Group

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun has thanked AOA for the lovely letter they gifted to her along with their album.

On January 31, Seohyun was a guest on the radio station Bae Sung Jae’s TEN, where she revealed which junior idol group had caught her attention the most.

Seohyun struggled to only pick one idol group, but soon decided on AOA. When asked why AOA in particular, Seohyun explained that they had visited Seohyun backstage on a music show to gift her their album along with a very long and sweet letter. Also, being her first solo activity, Seohyun expressed that she often felt lonely and strange being on stage by herself at the ending credits, but AOA had helped her feel less alone.

“There is one group I’m really thankful to, and it’s AOA. They gave me their album but inside they wrote a really long letter for me and it was so moving. At the ending of these music shows, all artists go up on stage but I feel very lonely while up there, especially because I’m not close to many other junior idols, so even then they’re very supportive.”

– Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Watch the segment here.

Source: Star Today