Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Shin Bora to become one-day radio DJs

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and comedian Shin Bora are to temporarily replace Park So Hyun as radio DJs.

On December 2nd, SBS Radio Power FM announced that Sooyoung and Shin Bora will temporarily become DJs instead of Park So Hyun for Park So Hyun’s Love Game. As Park So Hyun will be gone for December 3rd and 4th due to personal matters, the two have been casted as the DJs for those days. They are planning to show off their friendship established since meeting in their regular beauty salon.

On December 3rd, Soo Young filled in the spot with DickPunksTae Hyun and singer Navi with the topic “Cruelty of Love.” She voiced brief relationship skits and coached on relationship essentials.

On December 4th, Shin Bora is to record with singers, Jung In and Na Yoon Kwon. As extraordinary live singers, they will show off their live sining skills. The three will not only sing in live, but also talk about music in general.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung has recently finished her debut drama Spring Days of My LifeAdditionally, Girls’ Generation is busy with their concert schedules, currently, they are preparing for the upcoming Girls’ Generation The Best Live in Tokyo Dome concert in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: SBS News