Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany Fought Over Sharing A Hamburger

On KBS’s Happy Together 3, Tiffany recalled the time when Sooyoung got angry at her about a hamburger.

About 5 years ago, everyone except Tiffany ordered a burger for lunch, and Tiffany asked Sooyoung for a bite.

Sooyoung gladly handed over the burger, and Tiffany took one bite… but that’s when it happened.

Tiffany returned the burger, and Sooyoung got angry.

“[Sooyoung] said, ‘If you’re going to take a bite, can you not put your lipstick on it?'”

— Tiffany

Sooyoung revealed that she really did get angry, but it was a little different from Tiffany’s story.

“I didn’t say it like that. I said, ‘Ah, lipstick!’ But it’s because I’m very sensitive about food.”

— Sooyoung

But what made Sooyoung feel worse was when Taeyeon had a different reaction to Tiffany.

“[Tiffany] said, ‘I don’t want to eat yours’, and asked Taeyeon for her burger. And Taeyeon said, ‘I’m okay if you put lipstick on my burger.'”

— Sooyoung

Taeyeon’s simple answer made Sooyoung feel bad about the situation.

But apparently, it affects how Tiffany eats to this day!

“It’s been about 5 years since, but ever since that time, Tiffany always eats while being cautious of me! She’s afraid she’ll get lipstick on her food!”

— Sooyoung

Tiffany revealed that she sincerely felt sorry, yet traumatized, by the hamburger event.

“I had a little trauma from it. I felt very sorry!”

— Tiffany

“So I recently showed her my food and said, ‘I didn’t put lipstick on it!’ And Sooyoung replied, ‘You really know how to hold a grudge!'”

— Tiffany

All of the members laughed about it as Tiffany cutely revealed that she’s very known for that special talent!

“My nickname is actually Ti-Kkeut (a play on words combining ‘Tiffany’ and ‘holds a grudge’).”

— Tiffany