Girls’ Generation’s Sunny bids radio listeners farewell on “Sunny’s FM Date”

Girls’ Generation member Sunny said her final goodbyes on the final airing of Sunny’s FM Date as she wraps up her final appearance on the popular radio show.

After hosting the MBC FM4U radio show for the past year and six months, Sunny will be stepping down as the radio DJ with her final broadcast taking place on November 15th.

At the end of the broadcast, Sunny said, “‘What are you going to be doing tomorrow evening?’ (question from listener). I’ll be getting ready for a Girls’ Generation concert. We’ll be practicing every day.”

“I’m glad that I was able to share memories. Good, bad, and sad days, thank you for sharing all those with me. The final song I’d like for you to hear in the end is Sung Si Kyung and Kwon Jin Ah‘s ‘Don’t Forget.’ Thank you for all this time. And every now and then, I’ll think of you all. No, every day at 8pm, it’ll feel empty. I’ll meet you again. Thanks for the memories. Listen to the lyrics well (of the ending song).”

Meanwhile, Sunny received a special plaque from MBC FM4U, which she took a photo with and was posted on the FM Date‘s official Instagram.

Source: My Daily