[★TRENDING] Taeyeon preparing to take legal action against those leaving malicious comments

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon is fighting back against malicious online comments.

On July 20th, Taeyeon posted on her Instagram that she will be taking legal action against netizens leaving malicious comment to not only protect herself, but her family and friends as well.

She writes a lengthy post that explains, “For a long time, my family, friends, and my acquaintances as well as my fans have been getting hurt due to malicious comments. Many have told me to take legal action and a fan site even offered me their assistance. It’s also been hard for me, but most of all, it hurts my heart so much to the point that it gets hot when I see the people I care about get so stressed out.”

“After consulting with my agency a few months ago, I have collected data of the malicious texts and pictures. The legal process has already started and I am planning to add more data. To all my fans, if you have any data, please send them to me so I can collect it. I’m sorry to all those who have been feeling the same hurt and I am grateful for taking the initiative. I thought I was strong enough, but after this particular incident, I will have to become stronger. You [SONEs] and I, let us enjoy the ‘Party’ as always!”


Source: X Sport News