Girls Generation’s Tiffany Creates The Playlist Of Her Life And Honestly, Its Perfect

Its a very expansive list of music!

Girls Generation‘s Tiffany listed down the playlist of her life, and it was soo her!

In a recent video with Teen Vogue, Tiffany was asked to create a playlist filled with music that she feels is closest to her. Defining her music taste as one with no definition, she remarks that even the white noise of sizzling rain is very much on her list!


I’m open to everything from pop to country to rock to hip hop, to even white noises like…sizzling rain.




She then adorably listed out her entire life’s ultimate playlist as follows:


1. Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics



Tiffany starts out by declaring the song to a favorite of hers for as long as she can remember, because her mother would sing and play it everywhere they went! This Eurythmics song is a song that makes her feel cool, and so, its a song she can always count on to get into her character or into the mood!



2. Express Yourself- Madonna



The queen loves a fellow queen! Tiffany states how much of a tough choice this song was, because she loves all of Madonna‘s iconic songs! This song, however, became very special to her because she covered “Express Yourself” on her tour this year, and the power of the lyrics combines with the love of her fans completely opened her up to the song in a new way!

Tiffany also revealed that for every stage of her tour, she prepares by turning on Madonna’s Truth Or Dare docufiction for inspiration from the legend herself!


3. I’m Still Standing- Elton John



Tiffany begins by expressing how much the message and the video meant to her, as Elton John wrote this song at a much farther point in his vast career. Rewatching his 2019 released biographical drama film, Rocketman, about a good five times, Tiffany states how this song stood out to her with its simplicity and honesty, and it just…hits her right, everytime.


4. Kiss- Prince



Her favorite Prince song growing up, Tiffany states that she loved the singer so much, she named her dog after him! When she saw her dog for the first time, she picked him up, and the song that immediately played through her earphones was Prince’s “Kiss”.

A pioneer of the late 1970’s Minneapolis sound, Tiffany relayed how grateful she was to perform in Prince’s home city not once, but twice this year, and credited her successful concerts to his “Prince energy”, especially for her first concert there!


5. Poker Face- Lady Gaga



Immediately after hearing the song for the first time, Tiffany talks about her instant, immense desire to see Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face” live. She then says that choosing a favorite from the album The Fame Monster was particularly difficult, but the commitment she took to hear all different versions of “Poker Face” and the impact the fashion had on her, made her cover the song on tour, and fall in love with it even more!

Tiffany then talks about how all the different aspects of that Lady Gaga would bring together in this one song, and how the unpredictability of the artist itself would awake all kinds of anticipation in her from the song!


6. Umbrella- Rihanna



Taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, Tiffany recants how Rihanna‘s “Umbrella” was the first song she ever covered solo— 10 years ago, during Girls Generation’s first concert in Korea! She then talks proudly about how the whole world was also so inspired by a song that means so much to her, and she hopes to do the same one day as well!

She also talks about her favorite parts of the song, and just how meaningful it is for her.


They’re the words I would want to hear from a loved one, and the words I’d love to say to a lover, or someone in need.




7. Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus



Tiffany begins by mentioning the shock value that Miley Cyrus‘s “Wrecking Ball” carried, wreaking havoc with the explicit visuals that was unexpected of the newly introduced Miley. But Tiffany talks fondly of the shock, and how the song struck her with its raw, honest energy, rather than the raw, abject horror that seemed to have impacted everybody else on the planet. Calling it “beautifully complicated”, its a song Tiffany always comes back to, and she  even covered it on her Magnetic moon tour this year!

Following the performance, Tiffany and Miley had the most wholesome interaction where Miley LOVED her performance, because who wouldn’t stan this talented queen?!


8. Reflection- Lea Salonga/ Christina Aguilera (“Mulan” soundtrack)



Tiffany names this song from the Mulan soundtrack as the last song that completes her life playlist, and includes both versions of the song, one sang by Filipina singer Lea Salonga and the other by American singer Christina Aguilera. The first song she ever covered on stage, she talks about the positive impact of Lea Salonga as the Asian representation she needed in her childhood, made even more meaningful because of the movie that the song was for in the first place.

She says that she will always come back to this song, because the meaning it held for her as an Asian growing up in a foreign country is so important, and she’ll never forget it.


Watch the video below!

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